Our Policy on test results, specifications, rejections etc.

The products mentioned are natural products which may be refined and/or blended together. All data and values indicated are therefore to be understood only as approximate values. It is the duty of our contractual partner to check the suitability of the product for his specific purpose and to acquire detailed information on tolerance fluctuations and application experiences due to natural variations as well as production and deposit fluctuations. Otherwise, our "General terms and conditions" apply. The analysis values indicated are not intended to give a warranty in a legal sense, but are based on average annual values. Current analysis results can be obtained on request.

All information about chemical content is given on the basis of measured figures, determined during long production periods and according to our normal analytical practice and standards. Material analysed are representative samples of finished products. The figures given are typical analyses and not maximum values.

Further different industries have got different testing procedures, processes and different standards. Thus the results may differ from industry to industry. The results given by us are as per the standards followed by us.

We strongly suggest that the user should get the samples from us and test the same at their own end for the exact results and thus reconcile the difference in RSP’s and their own standards. RSP shall not be liable for any loss or variation in the test results and results at our end shall be final and binding for us.

Further all material is prepared as the specifications provided by the buyer and the material is exclusively prepared for their use and not to be used by any other customer, so we keep our right reserved to ask for a guarantee to lift the material or dispose the material at the buyers cost if the same is not lifted within the stipulated time.