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Quartz, second most common of all minerals, is composed of silicon dioxide, or silica, SiO2. and distributed all over the world as a constituent of rocks and in the form of pure deposits. It is an essential constituent of igneous rocks such as granite, rhyolite, and pegmatite, which contain an excess of silica. In metamorphic rocks, it is a major constituent of the various forms of gneiss and schist; the metamorphic rock quartzite is composed almost entirely of quartz. Quartz forms veins and nodules in sedimentary rock, principally limestone. Sandstone, a sedimentary rock, is composed mainly of quartz. Quartz is also the primary constituent of sand.

The size of the crystals varies from specimens weighing a metric ton to minute particles that sparkle in rock surfaces. The mineral has a hardness of 7 on Moh scale and specific gravity of 2.65. The luster in some specimens is vitreous; in others it is greasy or resplendent (shining glossily). Some specimens are transparent, glassy, glazy; others are translucent. In the pure form, the mineral is colorless, but it is commonly colored by impurities.

Pure Quartz rock crystal

  Optical and electronic equipment

Quartz Sand

  Manufacturing glass, silica brick, cement, mortar, Filter sand, as filler in pesticides, and as glass beads for blasting media.

Quartz Grains/Grits

  As an abrasive in stonecutting, sandblasting, as frac sand in oil drilling and glass grinding, fibre glass, solid surface, Paint stripping,
Micro graving and Micro blasting

Quartz Filler

  Porcelain, ceramics, sanitary ware, scouring soaps, sandpaper, construction chemicals, foundry chemicals, match sticks, as filler in ceramics, lead crystal, crystal glass, welding electrodes

Large amounts of quartz are used as a flux in smelting operations. Another important and good use of Quartz is now engineered stone / Quartz countertops / Solid Surface, where glassy and glazy Indian Quartzite is finding huge application.

What we offer
The physical whiteness, brightness and hardness of RSP’s high purity Quartz combined with a chemical purity of greater than 97% SiO2 make it attractive for a wide range of applications. Our ore is dressed with the latest productivity tools, with multiple-stage preparation processes, making the material extra pure, contamination free, for high purity applications.

Our Quartz is available in all forms, from lumps to fine powder of 600 mesh. All possible fractions, particle size distributions etc. are prepared strictly as per the specifications of the customers.
Our track record
All our customers are ISO certified companies and majority of them are associates, subsidiaries or collaborations of MNC’s and spread on 3 continents, in 15 countries. For testimonials from our customers please write to us.

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