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RSP is the leading Indian producer of high quality Silica based minerals and refractory products. Apart from being the leading Quartz exporter from India for the Engineered Stone Industry, it also exports Potassium and Sodium based Feldspars. Its glassy Quartz and Quartz filler flours have found good favour with companies using Breton technology. Quartz and Silica form the core competency of RSP, with other Silica based minerals like Feldspar, Kaolin, Clay etc. and the forward integration into Silica Ramming Mass being the foray into branded marketing.

RSP’s VINRAM® series of Acidic Ramming Mass and Coreless Induction Furnace Linings are being offered on a global scale, with clients/distributors in over 15 countries worldwide. We are the first company in India to promote the use of premixed Furnace linings, both domestically and in overseas market. This has been a long journey, but our customers are happy with substantial improvements in their productivity and material costs.


RSP is a proactively managed, family owned business organization, with strong focus on building long term competencies and relationships.

The history of RSP dates back to , incorporated in 1988, wherein we started the production of minerals. Later on more companies were added and new plants were installed. In 2000, under a major restructuring of the group all its international operations and institutional sales were brought under the umbrella of RSP Corporation, thereby merging Vinayak Minechem Private Limited and Sidhee Vinayak Minechem Private Limited. Now is the domestic refractory division, whereas RSP handles all institutional sales, exports, imports and sourcing division. It is now a multi location, multi plant operation. We also have plants on lease and tie-ups on job work basis.

Our various mining properties throughout Rajasthan, held directly and indirectly through associates, host large resources of high quality Quartz, Glassy Quartz, Silica Flours, Silica Fillers, Kaolins, China Clays, Calcites, Wollastonite, Hydrated Lime etc..


The objective of RSP is to create an efficient and cost effective company that will operate proactively and react quickly to opportunities and changes in the business and resource environment. Based on a sound and focused strategic plan, RSP will strive for consistent and steady growth in these resource areas and deliver value to its customers.

RSP is dedicated to becoming a significant global player in supplying products and services to the Quartz countertops, Steel, foundry, ceramics, glass, chemical and other industries.


With more than 17 years of experience in the mineral processing trade and with various vendor development programmes etc., we are better placed to understand and appreciate the ISO programmes of our customers.

We are approved vendors and suppliers of mineral products to major MNC’s and their Indian subsidiaries or associates, eg., TECHNEGLAS, CERAMICA ITALIA, DEGUSSA, ATEX (BELGIUM), SECHEREON, SHOCK & CO, SACMI etc..

The trust our customers have bestowed in us, also has led us to start a sourcing division, wherein we source products from abroad or from India for our overseas customers, while maintaining the same quality control standards. All our materials are processed through strict quality control measures. In fact we are the link between the organized and unorganized. Our innovative quality control measures have become the industry standard. Our USP is the high purity of Quartz. All types and grades of Quartz are processed in our ball mills, hammer mills, and pass through highly powerful imported magnets. We are under process of modernizing our entire processes with imported machinery and technology.

A zeal to innovate, learn and improve has given us a head start to export our refractories and other products to 15 countries on 3 continents. The products are exported to USA, Israel, UAE, Dubai, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Indonesia, Nepal etc.

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